The Citizens’ Network for a Better (CNBM) is the advocacy unit of Community Excel Services, creating awareness, mobilising and providing a platform for participation in civil society from a biblical standpoint. This is response to the biblical mandate as disciples of Christ to love our neighbours, stand for the oppressed, speak for what is right and play an active role in engagement government and civil society.

Our approach involves four aspects:

  • Praying for national transformation
  • Undertaking policy analysis from a biblical and sociological perspective
  • Strategizing for policy advocacy among policy makers and civil society
  • Creating awareness and mobilising public opinion towards policy action and societal transformation

CNBM currently has four interest groups looking into their respective areas:
1. Elections and politics
2. Good governance and anti-corruption
3. Rights of the indigenous people
4. Poverty and the bottom 40%

We publish The Citizens’ Voice, our premier weekly newsletter that pulls important news affecting our society, presented in a contemporary format.


Resource Coordinator: Prof. Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria
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