Every person is precious to God.  For some who are trapped in drug addiction and deemed as rejects by their families and society, Breakthrough Drug Rehabilitation Centre offers hope and help to them.  We have a two-year Christ-centred residential programme for adult male who want to be helped with their addiction problem.

Set up in 2003, we are very encouraged with the first fruits that are coming in.  We attribute our success to God and the programme content which addresses and deals with the root cause of the addiction.  At the Centre, apart from helping our clients to break free from their addiction, we also teach them new life skills and prepare them for life after graduation.

Witness how lives have been transformed at the centre in this video:

Breakthrough DRC
Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Residential Programme)

Coordinator :  Samuel Krishnan Email_16

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