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Since the time Joel was born till age one, I notice that he is not like his elder brother. Joel could not talk or mumble any words and could not walk. With much worries as a mother, I brought him to University Hospital for a thorough check up. However, the doctor did not give any diagnosis as he was too young then. Joel was only diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay at the age of four. Since then, my husband and I sought high and low for help as we did not have any knowledge on how to handle the issues at hand. We prayed everyday for guidance as we had no idea on what to do then.

One day, as I was playing with Joel at the play ground, I met a lady who was having her evening walk. She noticed that Joel had difficulties walking and later asked me about him. After sharing about my son’s condition, she recommended me to seek help in CES, which she was a member there. I spoke to my husband about it and we prayed before we came to Kid’s Haven.

I came to like the Early Intervention Programme that Ms. Emily shared with us. However, we hesitated as financially, we could not afford the fees. With the church support and subsidy, my son has made good progress. My son, Joel who faced so much difficulties in learning and was almost impossible for him to talk, is now reading ABC on his own, counting numbers from 1-50, able to jump, run and climb without assistance. He recognizes basic colours, able to repeat words after me, able to hold a cup and suck the straw independently.

I am very happy and thankful because the Early Intervention Programme has helped my son to be independent. I hope that CES will reach out and educate more of these God-gifted children.

Mother – Jocelyn

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