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My name is Paul Heah; I started getting into trouble when I was in primary school. I was very rebellious and always wanted to do the opposite of what people wanted or asked me to do. I had good parents who did their best in every way to love and give me all I needed.

I was getting into trouble in school and even joined a gang in form one. I was kicked out from school in form three and had to enrol in another school. (I was in the local school for nine years and two years in international school.) In all this I still managed to do well in my exam. In form four at the age of 15 I started experimenting with Ganja and later on went to nightclubs where I tried and enjoyed using ecstasy. At that time ecstasy was very new and I didn’t know too much about it just that my friends were all doing it and it was enjoyable. Towards the end of form five before my O levels I started using Heroin. Heroin was the worst thing but also the most pleasurable drug , feeling I felt. It took 17 years of my life away. It nearly took my life when I overdosed twice in Australia. I stopped breathing and I truly know that if it were not for Jesus love for me I would not be around.

I have come close to dying five times in my life, twice of overdose and three times I was involved in bad car accidents where my close friend died. I was lost in the sea once for nearly four hours. In all my seventeen years of drug abuse I have tried so many times to stop using. I have used all kinds of ways and methods, medicine such as methadone, subutox, naltrexane and all kinds of therapies but I now feel and know that I need to change myself.

I need to build good character and change my behaviour. In all this I need a change of heart I can only get or find through Jesus. I have been in a Breakthrough DRC for the past two years and have been clean from drugs and cigarettes for the first time. Recovery is just beginning and I need to know that God is with me and his plans for my life are great, I just have to take one day at a time but do the best I can each day to better myself. I feel great but know that the devil can make you feel a false kind of feeling so I must be watchful and alert. 1 Peter 5:8-9, as he is always looking to pull me back. I fear God and want to always fear Him; I feel that this is so key to success in life. Proverbs 9:10 ‘The FEAR of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge in the holy on is understanding.’

Paul Heah

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