Proud Parents of Takshel

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Where Takshel is concerned, there were early indications of developmental delay. Without further delay (as parents) we sought-out alternative ways and means to help and assist Takshel. By word-of-mouth recommendations, we were directed to a few centres that offer assistance for cases similar or like Takshel. And one of them was Kid’s Haven - Early Intervention Centre.

Kid’s Haven was the first centre we visited. Immediately we felt comfortable and decided there and then that this will be the place where Takshel will be able to receive the required assistance. The facilities, personnel, surroundings at Kid’s Haven are accommodating and excellent (to say the least).

After a little more than a year at Kid’s Haven there is absolutely so much improvement in Takshel. Amongst others, he is better able to think and act independently. Better able to express himself. Walk. Communicate.

With the tremendous improvement shown to-date in Takshel’s development, we will no doubt recommend Kid’s Haven as a centre of choice.

Parents of Takshel

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