People-building Matters

People-building Matters

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Over the past two weeks, I have had the privilege of listening to the stories and experiences shared by staff and volunteers of CES. As part of the crew for a video project, I noticed a common thread running through all their testimonies, which is - people matter, but people building matters even more.

To me, the work of people building is a faithful and intentional investment in the lives of people. Its “returns” may not be seen or felt immediately, but have high potential to attain eternal value. During my time as a CES intern, I realised that people building does not merely take place with the people whom we serve but also among the people whom we serve alongside with - and that is important!

I am reminded that while serving the community, Jesus Himself invested an enormous amount of time in the lives of his disciples to prepare, build, and empower them for greater things that had yet to materalise while He was still on earth. We know that even after Christ had ascended into heaven, His disciples went on to build the church and do great things for God’s kingdom. The fruits of our people building can outlive the time we actually spend with them.

How are you in your ‘people building’ journey?


Erin Lim serves as an intern in Community Excel Services from September to December 2016. Over the next few weeks, she will be blogging about her experiences at CES and our ministries.

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