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Dropping off your child at school comes often with a tinge of apprehension. Not so for us at Tadika Juara Cerdik! Our little Gabriella started her first year with TJC when she was four in 2011 and graduated last year in 2013.

I remember when Raymond and I were looking around for a suitable preschool for our Gabriella. We were immediately struck by TJC’s warm, friendly and safe atmosphere. We really liked the open concept classrooms, arts and crafts room, library and playground – they created a fun yet safe environment for the children. We also appreciate that TJC is a Christian-based school.

We like how TJC classes have a low student-teacher ratio. The teachers are able to provide more attention to each child, thus able to better understand the child and provide the necessary nurture. Gabriella came home from school one day and told us how her teacher had prayed for her wounded knee – she was very touched by this gesture.

Our Gabriella loves Super Fun Time every Friday, where she gets to sing and dance together with her friends. She enjoys bible reading time every morning. She gets very excited with field trips, sports day, class parties and concerts organised by the preschool.

When she turned five, we enrolled her into the After School Programme (ASP) to supplement the usual morning programme. This provided her the opportunities to explore and develop additional creative skills. Her favourite session was arts and craft, where she drew, painted and created many interesting objects which she would proudly show us.

We loved to see her face beam as she chattered excitedly about how she baked or cooked during domestic science sessions, sharing her products with us. It was fulfilling to see her learn to love nature when she toiled around plants.

Her time with TJC has prepared us to be a responsible and accountable child, instilling in her godly and moral values that are vital to a child’s upbringing.

Gabriella entered TJC a timid and quiet child, and left a confident and cheerful one. For this, we are deeply grateful to the team of dedicated teachers who had taught and nurtured her. With such a committed and professional team of teachers under the able leadership of Principal Stephanie Wong, we are certain that TJC will remain the premium kindergarten of choice for all parents for years to come.

Raymond and Gloria Koong
Parents of Gabriella Elysse Koong (pre-schooler from 2011 to 2013)

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