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Encouraged by my cell group members and a friend, I started helping out at Golden Club in 2002. Up till today, I have no regrets because I find that I have benefited more than what I have contributed.

In the early days at DUMC Sea Park, we had the facilities to learn cooking and making moon cakes, kueh and curry puffs. The fun was that each one got to taste what was cooked or made…even the men were interested in learning. We had someone to teach light exercises as well as line dancing. During festive celebrations, we have games and competitions, and prizes for winners. My duty was to help arrange the food and serve, then to clean and clear after. I made many new friends and had a good time of fellowship. I am happy that I am able to be of help to some of them in different ways.

Since moving to Dream Centre, Golden Club has grown to more than 100 regular members. Many talented people were “discovered” and “roped-in” to serve. Thus, the Golden Club now has diverse activities that meet the needs of seniors who look forward to come every Friday. The lonely will be able to meet and make new friends. Those interested can learn arts and crafts, or how to sing the correct way, or how to play the ukulele; as well as doing praise and worship, and also line dancing. At times, there will be talks and movies about the Christian faith. Members’ sharing of testimonies are all very helpful.

Over the years, I was able to bring a number of people to the Golden Club, mostly whom are home alone. They eagerly joined me in attending the Golden Club every Friday. They are now my good friends. I particularly remember Rose, who had to live alone because she had lost her passport and could not go to Singapore to be with her daughter. She was also not very healthy or mobile because of her diabetes, but she managed to dress up nicely every Friday, to go with me. She was very happy and touched, when someone from the Golden Club bought her a walking stick. Before taking her home every Friday, I helped her to buy some food, so that she will have food in the house, as it was not convenient for her to go out on her own. Most of the time, she depends on her neighbours for help. I also bring her food whenever I can.

After Rose got her new passport, her daughter took her to Singapore. Unfortunately, Rose went to be with the Lord not long after. I was surprised when her son-in-law called to inform me. I was glad I was able to attend her wake service, which was held in Kuala Lumpur and I had the opportunity to see her for one last time.

It warms my heart to remember Rose, and to know the joy in being able to help others even in a small way. Jesus said in Matthew 25:40b, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me”. I will continue to be a helper in Golden Club for as long as I am able to.

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