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“Hannah has grown to like the beach, where she would run and play freely. The seaside environment used to make Hannah very nervous.”

Hannah turns 7 this year and has been learning with Kid’s Haven for three years. She displays symptoms that point towards a learning difficulty called dyspraxia*.

Hannah has exhibited wonderful progress in her learning and interaction with others. She used to be very fearful of strangers, and would cry when they came into our house. As she turned 4, she became more comfortable with them, responding positively instead of reacting in fear. She has turned into a friendly girl.

At Kids’ Haven, Hannah picked up various skills that help her to conduct various activities smoothly – the skills of compliance, imitation, socialising and independence.

She has learned to feed herself and play independently. One of her favourite activities is working with puzzles where she is capable of fixing a puzzle of more than 70 pieces. Her imagination has greatly improved, and she loves to play masak-masak and serve us food. She likes helping me around the house, and is good a cleaning the table, mopping the floor and folding clothes. Hannah enjoys spending time with other children, and loves babies.

Hannah is also attending Taska Luther Montessori where she learns to read and write. She has a few good friends who like helping her, supporting her in learning new things. Hannah’s communication skills have improved and she is able to say a few words. She is able to string a sentence with verbal promptings by an adult.

Hannah has grown to be more and more aware of her surroundings. She enjoys watching cartoons and children’s programme. Some of the TV programmes that she enjoys are Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Hi-5. Her comprehension is progressing and responds emotionally even to what she is watching on the television. Hannah has grown to like the beach, where she would run and play freely. The seaside environment used to make Hannah very nervous.

I am so thankful for how Hannah has grown! My husband and I are willing to give her the time that she needs to learn and grasp the skills and knowledge required to walk this journey of life.

- Monica Lin

*What is dyspraxia?
Did you know that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has dyspraxia?
“A person with dyspraxia has problems with movement, coordination, judgment, processing, memory and some other cognitive skills. Dyspraxia also affects the body's immune and nervous systems.”

- Medical News Today

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