Meeting needs, in times of crisis

Meeting needs, in times of crisis

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by Mary Ann Tan

Having been married for 17 years, it’s natural for Juliana*, 40, to think that life should be easy and comfortable forever. Sadly, this was not to be. In April 2013, her husband who had been having an affair wanted to divorce her. Juliana with three kids aged 12, 14 and 16 were stunned and dismayed. Trying to salvage her marriage, she was willing to let her husband take a second wife, but he insisted on divorcing her instead.

Once the divorce was final, her hubby agreed to only pay her RM380 for part rental and RM100 a month for the care of their three children. Since this was insufficient to survive in Subang, Juliana was forced to find other means to earn an income to meet her monthly bills and feed her kids at the same time. Utilising her skills in baking, Juliana used the money from her ex-husband to make kuih for sale but with the slowing down of the economy and the GST factor, she could barely make ends meet.


Jumble Station came to her help and with the assistance of Food Bank, was able to give her the groceries she needed to feed her children and have some left over to make the kuih she needed to sell on a daily basis. Juliana who tried unsuccessfully to get help from other organizations, is overwhelmed by the kindness of Food Bank in dealing with her predicament. She admits to being surprised that total strangers are far more willing to help her with groceries than her own family or relatives. Food Bank she says, was really there for her and her hungry kids when all others chose to close their eyes to her problems. To Food Bank donors, she and her kids have only a very big “Terima Kasih” and tears in her eyes for the aid she is given, all these months. END

*not her real name

CES partners with Jumble Station, a community outreach initiative to single mothers in crisis by connecting its ministry resources such as Food Bank. For more information on Food Bank, click here.

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