Love you Benny

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Benny Lim Yee Ben, 6.4 years old

Benny is diagnosed with autism at 43 months old. I was shocked when the doctor said Benny has autism. I was in deep sadness. I hoped that it was a wrong diagnosis. I had no clues how to help him.

However I knew I must move forward. There was hope and there was help!

Benny was non-verbal at that time. I resolved to find his “voice”. I could never forget how difficult the first word came out from his mouth. Every evening I held the flash cards in front of him, asked him to pronounce it, he put his utmost effort to utter the words but in vain, it seemed something was jammed in him. It was heartbreaking when I observed his struggle in producing the sound. Eventually, after about one month, he managed to utter the first word! We both were elated. After the first word, the subsequent words and sentences seems easy to him and he enjoys reading aloud now.

Benny has challenges in social situations. I came to Dream Center and enrolled him for the early intervention programme at Kid’s Haven. He has made positive progress since attending the classes.

Raising a child with special needs is a constant challenges, I worry and wonder what his future will hold, I will always tell myself to get past these feelings and focus on now.

I want to see him happy, well adjusted, to do his best in school and have an opportunity to find special friends in life.

Love you Benny!

Wong Loy Ding

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