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My name is Prakash Pillai, this is my testimony on how drugs ruined my life and how it nearly cost me my family. I am 49 years old and I got involved in drugs from the age of 21. I grew up with my mother as my parents were separated and this greatly affected me. My father was a soldier, sergeant Major while my mother was a house wife. I started using drugs out of curiosity. First I began smoking cigarettes going to night clubs that where I started drinking alcohol and smoking ganja, this was during my collage years I thought I would enjoy myself being with friends.

After six months I graduated and out of curiosity I began to experiment with heroin, the biggest mistake of my life. In the beginning I was able to control it but within a couple of months I became a slave to the drugs. I would lie or beg in other words I was willing to do anything for Heroin. As time went on I became worst and went in and out of prison and rehab centres. When I was in prison I promised myself that this would be my last time, but the minute I was out I would forget everything and went back to my old way of life. Romans 7:18 says ‘I want to change and do good but I cannot carry it out.’ I began stealing the pots and pans and even the gas cooker and gas tong in my own house until my wife got scared and so fed up, she was ready to kick me out and totally give up on me. One day when I was totally desperate I went up to the balcony and looked up to the sky and asked if there is a God please Help ME.

The next day my wife got help from Malaysian Care and I called them. They tried to help me get into a Christian Rehabilitation centre. At last I got a place at Breakthrough DRC in Petaling Jaya. When I arrived there I was shocked to see my old lost friend also an ex addict, who had changed and became a pastor and leader of the Centre. This gave me great hope and confidence because if he could change and if could make it so could I. At that very junction I submitted to the programme. At first it was very hard for me because I can’t do the things I want to do and there is no freedom, but as I surrender to God and took one day at a time God’s grace was upon me.

Today I am 3 ½ years clean and as I look back, I know it’s not my strength but God’s strength. As I compare my life before and how it is now, I am grateful to God and realise that I want to give back to society and help people like me who have problems. In this making myself stronger and giving back love to others. Currently I am serving as staff at Breakthrough DRC, all Glory to God.

Prakash Plillai

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