From Frustration to Wholeness in Christ

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I came to know of Breakthrough drug rehabilitation centre through Pastor Sam., in 2008, I lived in an apartment by myself and worked in a Christian bookstore at Damansara Perdanan. It was during this time that I experienced a relapse in my drug habit, which eventually led me back to my unhealthy lifestyle. My struggle began when I found it difficult to cope with my parent’s inability to accept me back into my own home. The feeling of not being welcomed in my own home was too much for me to bear. Though I had visitors who would drop by regularly to see me, to provide moral and spiritual support, I felt that I was struggling alone. I heeded my family, but it was too difficult to get through to them, which became part of my past disappointments. I would often go out drinking and occasionally looking for some drug to get ‘high’ on.

Eventually things became worse. I would often come back drunk and totally ‘wasted’ on drugs, I would get into a rage and randomly smash and hit everything in my apartment. There was so much rage in me and I did not know how to deal with it. I would lash out at anyone or anything that made me angry, even in the streets. I would wake up the next morning not knowing what I had done the night before. That was when Pastor Sam contacted me and offered to help. He invited me to live in his house for a while, where he would proceed to reconcile me back to my parents, where I would be able to go home, and I did. He convinced my parents that I was okay when I was actually not. Things eventually took a nosedive and as soon as I got home, I started drinking and abusing drugs again. I was kicked out of the house and the whole cycle of anger, frustration and bitterness began to start in me again. In desperation, I sought after Sam, we discussed certain issues, and he advised me to begin the programme at the centre, which I did.

I started the programme in September 2008, in this rehabilitation process, I have learned that character and attitude can help determine our success and keep us away from drugs and unhealthy life habits. I have also learnt to deal with my anger and frustration that have made me depressed. This programme has also made my walk with the Lord closer and my life much richer. Upon joining this programme, I rededicated my life to the Lord in a completely fresh and new way. I hope to experience God in a greater measure and to learn how to commit myself to a disciplined life. It is through discipline that I have learnt how to develop character and strength. Discipline is our response to God, our wholehearted yes to His will.  I hope to experience a whole new level of my freedom in Christ and to see His blessings unfold in my life.

Aaron Tan

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