Nation Building Through People Building

PrDaneilA nation is built by its people.

Malaysia’s population will soon reach 30 million. But behind every number is a life, a home, a community, a state, a nation.

While God cares for every individual, He has great concern for the nations. In fact, the welfare of a nation is tied to the condition of its people. The Bible says that nations are exalted through the righteousness acts of God’s people (Proverbs 14:34). But when they do not do their part, the nation suffers.

As God’s people, we need to think globally and nationally, but respond locally. Can we allow a weak and hungry person to pass us by without helping? The Bible tells us that what we do for one of the least in society, we are doing it for Christ (Matthew 25).

Everyone dreams to succeed in life. Unfortunately, some lives are shattered because of an error, or because the opportunity to succeed was not available. With the right support, lives can be restored again.

It is with this vision that Community Excel Services was founded in 1999, to guide those faced with a negative situation to experience the path of second chance.

How is a nation built? It is built through helping the one child, one youth, one man, one woman, one community to take one right step forward at a time.

We invite you to partner with us in our efforts to help, restore and build people up to be strong again. As you give of your time and resources to the one, know that you are, in fact, building the nation.

Dato Dr Daniel Ho
Community Excel Services (CES)

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