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The 30 Day Justice & Mercy Challenge is a way we can engage and learn together as a community. We honour God when we value the poor and journey with them. This 30 day calendar will take you through a journey of discovering the issues of injustice and oppression in our world, unpacking some of the complexities through various videos and reflections. It will also introduce opportunities for you to find out about organisations which are really making a difference, being a voice for the voiceless, and bringing hope and compassion into dark and hidden places.

We invite you,  your family and your cell group to join us in the trenches and declare war on injustice, poverty, corruption, and all forms of oppression which dehumanizes people – people whom God loves, whom He created in His own image. Don’t wait! Start today!

How do I get start? Download our PDF document which has active links you can click.

Campaign created by: Sophy Lim
Designs by: Debbie Loh
(C) 2016

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